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The Back Porch Catio

These clients weren't cat people when they built their home ten years ago....but several cats began hanging around their yard and they started caring for them.  Then a few more came....and as they socialized them they brought them in the house to live.  When new stray or feral cats showed up they got them spayed / neutered and continued to care for them, bringing them inside as they were able to gain their trust.  But with a house full of cats now, they wanted a place where the kitties could still enjoy the outdoors but be safe and secure.  There was an old wood deck out back that was decaying and in need of replacement...

So I added a new deck, extended to the edge of the house, and built a catio outside the dining room windows with a cat door in one window for the kitties to go in and out.  I extended the roof to also cover the back door and make it easier to go in and out when it's raining.

This catio has an unusual feature....a shelf on the OUTSIDE.  My clients asked for this because several cats who still live in the yard are friendly with the cats in the house who used to live out there with them.  Now they can recline side by side - and hopefully those last few outdoor cats will move inside too!

Now their kitties are safe and secure, but still get to enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells of the back yard, and can come and go in the house whenever they want to.

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