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The Condo Porch Catio

This client had a condo on the top floor with a wonderful wrap-around balcony that had great views.  She wanted her cats to be able to enjoy the fresh air, but was worried about them falling over the edge.  So she called me to create a safe way for them to go outside...

With only two cats we didn't need a huge area, so I enclosed a small section at the far end of the balcony.  The condo association had a very reasonable HOA - as long as I painted the woodwork to match the existing building trim, and used a strong plastic netting that barely showed from the street below, they were happy.

It was hard to photograph the inside of the catio because it's fairly small, but there are shelves with a view of the city on one end and a nice big shelf over the door so the kitties can see in that direction and keep an eye on whatever is happening on the rest of the balcony.


There was only one possible place for a cat door to provide access out onto the balcony, and I was able to custom build a small cat door unit to fit in this little window  Luckily Buzz and Lincoln's mom doesn't mind them jumping on the kitchen counter!

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