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The Corner Catio

This corner on the side of the house started out as a rather dreary little unused area, but it turned out to be a great location for a catio.  A nice big metal roof with lots of overhang provides shade and protection from rain, and the catio is big enough for lots of cats....which is a good thing, because thirteen cats live here ;o)

As you walk from the house back to the catio you can see the wonderful back yard oasis that the catio faces onto.  Lots of perches give all the cats prime spots to keep an eye on the birds, squirrels, and other action right outside the catio.


Scooping litter boxes for so many cats can be a big chore, so I added a large table to elevate the litter boxes and make scooping a little bit easier.  A cat flap in the wall makes going from the house to the catio easy.

There was only one location in the house that worked for a cat door...but this dedicated kitty guardian didn't hesitate for a moment.  They'll just have to remember to keep the lid closed ;o)

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