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The Hillside Catio

This is a unique enclosure situated at the top of a hillside in the back yard well away from the house, both as a hangout for the kitties and a peaceful retreat for their mom.

Strong wire mesh with a fairly large opening keeps the kitties in but offers a very open feel.

Two walls of this catio are solid wood to offer more shade and protection from wind and rain.

A unique feature of this catio is that it was designed to contain some cats inside, but to also accomodate other cats who roam freely in the yard.  So there's a ramp up to the roof, which becomes a rooftop deck for them.  And rather than a metal roof, which wouldn't be comfortable to lay on in very hot or cold weather, this roof is plywood covered with one seamless piece of sheet vinyl which keeps the rain out below but is much more comfy for the kitties to lay on.

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