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Milo's Playland

These clients had a big wishlist - they wanted a big open catio surrounding a tree that was 20 feet from the porch...they wanted the cats to have access through one of the windows, but in a way that didn't obstruct the view...and anything built on the porch and in the yard had to be tall enough for them to easily walk under.   Sounds like a job for The Cat Carpenter!

I managed to incorporate everything on their wishlist into a super playground for Milo and his sister Lil Girl.  I created a big tall catio surrounding the tree that connects to the porch area with a long elevated skyway.

I put a cat door unit in the window and built an enclosure around it that follows the window frame so it doesn't obstruct the view out into the yard.  That enclosure opens into a vertical tower that leads up to a short walkway across the porch...tall enough to walk under.  That walkway feeds into a connector on the edge of the porch that opens into the long skyway out to the main catio.

Since the big catio out in the yard has an open wire mesh roof, when it's raining or if the sun is really hot Milo and Lil Girl can just hang out in the smaller enclosures on the porch.

Most of the time, though, that big skyway becons them out to all the action in the main catio.

Milo couldn't wait to run check it out the first time the cat flap was opened up for him.

They can climb the tree trunk all the way up to the top of the catio, or they can climb up the perches on all four walls....either way there's a lot to keep the kitties entertained!

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