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The Over and Under Catio

This home had a large covered deck with a soaring ceiling and a four foot high space underneath.  I converted part of the upper deck into a screened porch and added a catio directly below it.

I used pet-resistant polyester TuffScreen which was strong enough to allow each section to be screened in a single large panel, maximizing the wonderful hilltop view out the back.

The walls are almost ten feet tall and are now covered with shelves on one end to provide the cats with a variety of perches so they can find the perfect vantage point to enjoy the view.

From inside looking out, the screen is almost invisible.  But it not only keeps insects out, it's tough enough to stand up to kitty claws even if they try to climb it.

A cat door insert in a window allows the cats access to the porch.  Under the shelf is a trap door that can be opened or closed and provides access to the new catio space under the deck.

The stairstep shelves on the left provide a route from the trap door above down into the catio.  A wood deck floor and shelves are durable and comfy for the kitties.  A double layer of TuffScreen and welded wire hardware cloth allows a great view out but keeps out insects and any animals like raccoons or coyotes who may come up through the woods.

A big shelf on the front wall of the catio takes full advantage of afternoon sunbeams.

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