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The Skyway Catio

The challenge on this project was getting the cats from a screened porch in the house out to a new freestanding catio on the deck.  An elevated skyway solved the problem!

This catio uses gray PetScreen, a tough polyester screening material that keeps cats in and insects out.  And from inside the catio, it still gives the cats a great view of the outdoors.

The skyway needed to have a full six feet of clearance for walking underneath into the yard.

The skyway was constructed using welded wire hardware cloth.  Cat doors at both ends provide a seal against insects coming into either room.

Here's a cat's eye view looking across the nine foot long skyway from inside the screen porch.

There's plenty of room for two cats to pass going opposite directions in the skyway.  Some of them seem to like hanging out in the skyway as much as they enjoy their new catio!

The catio will be as much a hangout for mom and dad as for all the kitties, so this enclosed cubby will provide a cozy hideway spot for the kitties and also doubles as a coffee table.

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