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The Under the Deck Catio

This didn't look like much when I started - a concrete patio that was underneath a deck that came off a second floor bedroom.  But the patio was nice and large, and these cat guardians not only had a few cats of their own but were involved in rescue and fostering so always have some temporary feline residents around as well.  They wanted a nice big space that all the cats could use to be out in the fresh air and safely enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

I used the whole patio, and added a metal roof extension out to the edge of it with a nice big overhang all around to provide shade and protection from rain.  A piece of inexpensive sheet vinyl on the deck above was all that was needed to provide rain protection to the catio underneath that space.

This back yard is a wonderful oasis for the cats to enjoy - a huge, grand tree right outside the catio with bird and squirrel feeders, and a big yard landscaped with native plants to attract butterflies and birds.  The cats will never be bored!

One of my favorite features of this catio is the way the front section sticks out into the yard and has shelves on three sides for a commanding view of whatever is going on in any direction.

Whether they're intently studying a butterfly, or just basking in a sunbeam, these cats will have endless fascination and stimulation.  They're safe behind welded wire hardware cloth, but still get to experience all the joys of nature right outside...and they can come and go to and from the house whenever they want to.

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