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The Walkway Catio

These cat guardians wanted some safe outdoor space for their cats on the side yard.  With that big brick wall, the only place to put a cat door was in the door to the garage...but if the catio was way back there it wouldn't have much of a view, and it would cover up that door.

The ideal spot for the catio was way out on the end of the house, so that the perches would have a commanding view of the whole back yard.  And as an added bonus to entertain the kitties, birds like to nest in that tree!

I built an enclosed walkway so the cats could go through the cat door and travel safely out to the catio.  And since the door to the garage opens in, I built the end of the walkway tightly up against it so that it seals securely, and the big door can still be opened when necessary.

The cats don't mind having to travel down the walkway to get out to the catio - they can see that there are  some wonderful perches awaiting them with a great view of the back yard.

All that's missing is a red carpet!

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